We do think of our volunteers…

Some of our volunteers wondered if we had forgotten them. Absolutely not, it’s far from being the case, we always think of them!

So why did we not call upon them this year?

  • It's quite simple indeed: we did not feel comfortable asking them to come and work with us, because of COVID.
  • Then unfortunately, we didn't have the opportunity to see each other because the annual volunteer celebration didn't take place, again because of the pandemic...

A first!

But we had a surprise for our loyal volunteers: a Sutton first! On November 21, they were invited to visit the barn with Nicole Côté and Joannie Leroux-Côté and see for themselves the progress of the work.

We had initially planned a visit in groups of five, due to distancing requirements, then on November 12 we moved up to the red zone. So we quickly had to adapt and we offered the registered people the possibility of taking a virtual tour.

See for yourself…

And for our faithful readers, members, and friends of D'Arts et de rêves, we will soon have a link to our YouTube chain so that you can watch the video of this virtual visit and see for yourself the incredible transformation of the barn.

We do hope to call again upon our volunteers in 2021 when times are more conducive to teamwork.