The barn’s renovations are progressing well!

Work is going according to plan!

We are very pleased to inform you that the renovations and expansion of the barn are progressing rather well and that we are even a little ahead of schedule. This building will become a magnificent creative residence of which we, in Sutton, will all be very proud.

Since June 2020, contractor Construction Pierre Boivin and his team have done a lot of work including the excavation and expansion at the back of the barn and the removal of the century-old beams that we are keeping for future use! File to be followed.


Look at what's been done...

In September, the beautiful glued laminated beams were installed. It was an enormous undertaking, delicate work successfully carried out. Then, the old steel sheets covering the exterior walls were removed and both the walls and the roof were repaired, sealed, and insulated.

And finally, you might have noticed that the windows have been installed so that the building is now completely closed for the winter. Inside, the redevelopment work is also progressing very well. We could even say that the changes are spectacular. Here are a few photos to give you an idea of what's going on. Approximately 40% of the work is now completed.


Get on board with us and take part in this beautiful project, unique in Quebec!

We are doing everything to keep expenses as low as possible, but we still lack a significant amount of money to complete the work. The sign in front of the barn shows this. The total costs for the project amount to $936,233 and we still need to find $142,000 to complete the work essential to the reopening of the barn. Not being able to open in June 2021 would be tragic. Your donations, large or small, are needed. You can do so by going directly to our website,, or by sending us a cheque at 27 B, rue Principale Nord, Sutton, Québec, J0E 2K0.

We will send you a receipt for income tax purposes for any amount of $25 or more.

Thank you for supporting us...

Thank you in advance. Every donation means a lot to us in these very difficult times, difficult times as well for the art world.

Another way to support and sustain us is to become a member of D’Arts et de rêves or renew your membership.