A photographic tour of the barn’s transformation

On Saturday morning, November 21, 2021, Nicole Côté and Joanie-Leroux-Côté, President and Treasurer of D'Arts et de rêves, recorded a virtual tour of the barn to document the extraordinary transformation of this creative space. The man behind the camera: Jean-Jacques Pillet. The woman taking the photos: Liliane Lessard.

The following photographic report gives you a foretaste of this incredible transformation.


Nicole Côté, D'Arts et de rêves president.

Barn as seen from the street.

Nicole Côté and Jean-Jacques Pillet prepare for the recording.

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When entering from the door in the back.

The floor is ready for concrete. We had to walk on the plywood.

As we enter the large hall, we can see the door for the public entrance on the other side of the room. All doors will be accessible for people with reduced mobility.


On the right we clearly see the roof-to-floor windows (those on the bottom protected by plywood) which light up the room.

You might remember that there was a stall for horses to the right of the door,and then you can see the bedroom overlooking the path leading to the park. The wall will obviously be rebuilt.

There were a couple of steps on the right leading up into the residence. They are gone: the floor will be same height everywhere, hence easier to move around from one room to the next.


The same corridor leads to the large room of the residence. The windows overlooking the stream, so much appreciated by the artists in residence, have been changed, so it will be much easier to keep this room warm.

Walking back towards the large hall there is still the restroom on the left, after which a staircase leading to the top floor will be built, accessible to artists in residence only.

While waiting for the stairs, the stepladder or ladder are quite useful to get to the top floor.


Jean-Jacques Pillet tests the ladder...

"It's safe Nicole, says Jean-Jacques, your turn up the ladder!"


Top floor more than impressive. We can even see some of the old beams on the back wall.


From the French window on the top floor, you can see to the front part of the barn. A firewall will be installed so this view is quite ephemeral.

A door in the wall will give access to a small mezzanine, which can be used, among other things, by technicians wanting to capture performances given by circus artists in the large hall, whose ceiling by the way is 28 feet high.

It is the only remaining cross beam of the old framework.


The cross beam overlooks the large hall.

It is just to the left of the door leading to the mezzanine that the staircase will be built.

View from the street. The materials on the ground on the left will be used to cover the roof.


Nicole Côté et Jean-Jacques Pillet smiling because the recording went according to plan!