Meet artists Jeanne Painchaud and Patsy Van Roost


On Sunday, July 28, from 2 to 4 p.m., meet Patsy Van Roost and Jeanne Painchaud at D’Arts et de rêves residence. Even though the two artists will be working on different projects, they will be sharing the creative space of the residence.

One meeting, two artists!

Jeanne Painchaud in residence

During her residency, the poet and youth author will finalize a collection of poetry for children ages 6 to 9. Both playful and whimsical, this writing project will revisit different forms of poetry: haiku, calligram, trinatory poem, acrostic poem, etc. Although the working title of the collection is Ah, comme la neige a neigé! (Ah, how the snow has snowed!), the poet will enthusiastically be working on her project in the middle of summer ... wearing a straw hat and protected by sunscreen.


What if we imagined Sutton from A to Z?

When friends pass through the area, what do you make them see, smell, or taste that is typical to our region? And what if we tried to imagine Sutton from A to Z, for the pure pleasure of rediscovering our neck of the woods from a different perspective? aking as a model her ABC MTL, a tribute to Montréal (with photos by B. Ricca, Les 400 Coups, 2017), Jeanne Painchaud, poet and youth author, will give you lots of clues during this workshop to produce this collective alphabet book of Sutton (the activity will be held in French): A for Ancien magasin général? C for Chute du Pékan? G for Galeries d’art? M for Mont Sutton? P for Piste cyclable? We need your ideas... from A to Z!

Come meet the artist on July 28 from 2 to 3 p.m. at the residence, 57, rue Principale Sud, Sutton.


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Patsy Van Roost, the Mile-End Fairy

We will be welcoming the Mile-End Fairy, Patsy Van Roost, at the residence from July 16 to 30. As a visual artist, she explores neighborhoods to orchestrate infiltrating, participative, artistic, and unifying experiences that encourage people to meet and relate to one another.

With her sewing machine, stencils, chalks, stitched words, windows that light up and doors that open, Patsy weaves bonds between neighbors and passers-by. That's what she’ll be doing in Sutton: going out of her way to meet people and collect anecdotes and souvenirs related to specific places or honoring local folks. How will these stories be displayed in the heart of Sutton: the fairy will let us know in due time…

You are invited to meet the artist on Sunday, July 28, from 3 to 4 p.m. at the residence, 57, rue Principale Sud, Sutton.


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