Studios DAR Sutton Grants

Studio DAR Sutton Grants Competition 2021

In addition to the Studios DAR Sutton Residency Program, artists can apply to the new Grants Competition which will reward one artist per discipline (Literature, Visual arts and Circus arts) in 2021. The grant consists of a 3-week residency and a $ 1,500 money prize which will be used to carry out the project presented by the recipient artists.

Conditions for applying

  • To be recognized as a professional artist as defined by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ ) and the Canada Council for the Arts (CCA).
  • Provide a complete dossier (see below) which will be evaluated by a jury; two artists practicing different disciplines can present a joint dossier (according to health measures in place)
  • Be available to meet and mediate with the public during the residency.

Grant Residency Dates (per discipline)

  • Circus arts: October 31 - November 20, 2021
  • Visual arts: September 5 - 25, 2021
  • Literature: October 3 - 23, 2021

Selection criteria (per discipline)


  1. Acro-artistic quality: 70%
    • Originality of the project and acro-artistic approach
    • Quality of the acro-artistic performance level (difficulty, execution, and emotion)
    • Project innovation (proposal for a new discipline or artistic form)
    • Potential for virtuosity (exceptional mastery of execution, which exceeds our level of understanding) 
  1. Relevance of the project: 20%
    • Quality, clarity, and precision of the project
    • Impact of the project on the progression of the candidate's performance level
  1. Project Management: 10%
    • Project feasibility and realism
    • Project progress schedule 


  1. Quality of artistic or literary work: 30%
    • Past achievements
    • Quality of previous achievements and their coherence with the artistic approach
    • Critical reaction
    • Curriculum vitae
  1. Interest and relevance of the residency project: 50%
    • Quality of the project description, is it clearly described?
    • Continuity of the project with previous achievements or exploration of new avenues
  1. Project feasibility: 20%.
    • Realism of the proposal for the residency’s duration
    • Development of a schedule of project milestones

Selection process

  • Application deadline for 2021 Grants: April 30, 2021
  • A jury made up of artists from the visual arts, literature, and contemporary circus arts selects the residency projects.
  • Jury meetings take place according to application deadlines, a response will be sent to you by email following this meeting.
  • Once the artist receives à favourable response from the jury, the artist must confirm his or her stay within two (2) weeks by signing the contract.

The dossier

Your file must be sent electronically as a single PDF document (The maximum size allowed for the PDF file is 3 MB). Add these items together in a single PDF file. Then complete the online submission form to attach your PDF file:

  • Grants Competition submission form
  • Description of the proposed project (maximum three (3) pages)
  • Artist approach (maximum one (1) page)
  • Recent Curriculum Vitae (maximum three (3) pages) and link to a website, if any
  • Dossier:
    • Literature: 10 pages of text extracts
    • Visual art: 10 digital pictures and / or three (3) videos (send link or use medium resolution)
    • Circus arts: 10 digital pictures and / or three (3) videos (send link or use medium resolution)
  • Press kit and / or list of publications if applicable (maximum five (5) pages)
For additional information, please contact us at: