As a non-profit community organization, D’Arts et de rêves has more than fifty members who support it in its mission.

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EXTRAordinary volunteers

We are very fortunate as we are able to count on the collaboration of hundreds of generous, talented, available, and extraordinary individuals to make the D’Arts et de rêves projects a reality.

With their invaluable help, we have been able to clean up the barn and do some work within, demolish a house, organize a grand opening ceremony, mow the lawn, water the trees, plant perennials, receive plant donations...

We should of course add all the work done by the Board of Directors and the various working committees, an incredible team that brings expertise and counsel in financing, development of the Park, the artist residence, and the good governance of the organization.

To each of you, our sincerest thanks for your support.

If you would like to get involved, write to us at:


Volunteer Chronicles

In each of our seasonal newsletters, we will talk about D’Arts et de rêves’ volunteers. You will see that this column is intended to recognize the indispensable work of our member volunteers, without whom our cultural community organization would not be as successful. If we emphasize the efforts of a particular volunteer, please know that we thank each and every one of you for your generous contribution to D’Arts et de rêves.

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