Funding D’Arts et de rêves’ Mission: MusArt 2022 and Beyond.

Supporting creation and innovation in the fields of Literature, Visual Arts and Contemporary Circus Arts, fostering interdisciplinary work among artists and helping to bring contemporary art to the general public and youth. This summarizes the mission D’Arts et de rêves has set for itself. It is a tall order, but one we consider essential. Indeed, art and culture are the very foundations upon which all civilizations are built and maintained. Supporting artists and promoting their work contributes to the health and vitality of our community.

To this effect, the board of our non-profit organization created three creative grants in 2021 to offer residencies to one professional artist in each of the artistic disciplines we support. The cost of these grants amounts to 13 500$, which covers studio rental and residency fees, as well as a generous stipend to artists in exchange for their participation in a public event or presentation.

Last August, to help raise money for the grants program, we held MusArt 2022, our annual fundraising event. The evening was presided over by the honourable Liza Frulla, who served as Minister of Cultural Affairs in Québec and Minister of Canadian Heritage in Ottawa. The philanthropic event allowed us to collect 10 050$ for the grants program. We wish to extend a heartfelt thanks to our generous donors! We still need to raise the remaining 3 450$ before the end ot the year to achieve our goal. Please continue to give as often as you can and encourage the people around you to do the same. The continuation of our mission depends on us all.

To give, visit our website:

Pierre Lefrançois


The Honourable Liza Frulla, Honorary President of MusArt 2022 speaks to guests.


The Mayor of Sutton Robert Benoît also adressed the crowd.


D'Arts et de rêves Board of Directors:

From left to right: Yves Neveu, Nicole Côté, Jean-Jacques Pillet (accroupi), Jacques Renaud, Louise Brisson, François Bérard, Henri Lamoureux and Joanie Leroux-Côté.

Absents: Jean Roy and France Mongeau.


Creative Grant recipients in 2022, Laurence Leduc-Primeau (Literature) and Sophie Perry (Visual Arts) at MusArt.



Gilles Lavoie, Louis Taillefer and Louise Brisson outside Sutton DAR Studios.


Henri Lamoureux, Darryn Grandbois and Jean-Jacques Pillet, MusArt 2022.



Liliane Lessard and Gilles Lavoie, looking very sharp!


D'Arts et de rêves three happy co-founders: Joanie Leroux-Côté, Henri Lamoureux and Nicole Côté.


The Mayor Robert Benoît and Nicole Michaud leaving MusArt.

Équipe DAR

The colourful D'Arts et de rêves team:

André Gélinas, Pierre Lefrançois and Natasha Evoy.