25 Newsletters since September 2016, something of which we are quite proud…


In September 2016, D'Arts et de rêves sent out its first newsletter to its members and partners, which has since been sent at the dawn of each new season*; all those who request it via the website can now also receive this newsletter. The purpose is to provide information about the D'Arts et de rêves organization, artists' residence, mediation activities, and cultural park, as well as the evolution of this magnificent project dreamed up and then realized by its three co-founders: Nicole Côté, Henri Lamoureux, and Joanie Leroux-Côté.

The Story of D’Arts et de rêves

To find out how D’Arts et de rêves came into being and how it has evolved over the years, you might like to read or reread the seven chapters of he Story of D’Arts et de rêves.

  • Chapter 1: The early days of D’Arts et de rêves
  • Chapter 2: Where does the name D’Arts et de rêves come from?
  • Chapter 3: The many steps that led to the Sutton-Monumentum International Sculpture Symposium in 2015
  • Chapter 4: The organization grows and working bees help it along
  • Chapter 5: Plans for the landscaping of the property
  • Chapter 6: A brief overview of the transformation that the barn will be undergoing
  • Chapter 7: The reopening of the residence with photos clearly demonstrating the before and after, 2016 and 2021

Will there be more chapters inThe Story of D’Arts et de rêves? Surely, as the organization is constantly evolving: To be continued…

Valuable collaborators

As you can probably imagine, a newsletter requires a lot of work, so the collaboration of the people employed by D'Arts et de rêves is precious because they are the ones who know the organization and the projects underway. Here are those who, over the years, have participated in the writing of the articles published in the newsletter:

  • André Gélinas
  • Benoît Quessy
  • Caroline Guimont
  • Karina Sasseville
  • Katherine Godbout
  • Miryam Saint-Pierre
  • Natasha Evoy
  • Nicole Côté
  • Pierre Lefrancois
  • Richard Leclerc
  • Stéphanie L’Italien

The more the merrier...
meet our volunteers!

Many volunteers have, since 2015, contributed to the numerous working bees organized in the D’Arts et de rêvesartists’ residence, the studios, and the cultural park, in addition to the many who have been part of committees, the organization of celebrations, MusArt, special events, cultural mediation activities, in short, a lot of people at the heart of the organization.

We have published articles on the working bees, though not all of them because there have been many, with photos of our volunteers at work.

There are some volunteers to whom we wanted to pay tribute for their exceptional contribution, why? By reading these articles, you will understand that it was worthwhile to highlight their contribution.

In conclusion

We plan to continue publishing this newsletter four times a year, on the first day of each season: March 21, June 21, September 21 and December 21.

However, it is via the social networks, including Facebook and Instagram, that we will announce cultural mediation activities as well as other cultural and community activities that will take place in connection with D'Arts et de rêves.

Subscribe to our newsletter via our website or contact us at info@dartsetdereves.org or by phone: 450-531-5707.

By Liliane Lessard

*Note: There were no newsletters in June and September 2020, a decision of the then director.