Spring 2022 DAR Working Bees

Heart and soul, an expression that applies well to D'Arts et de rêves volunteers

Spring was a very busy season at 57, rue Principale Nord since a lot of work was done both inside and outside the building to finish installing all the furniture and required equipment for the residence, Studios A and B and to complete the landscaping of the grounds.

For those who usually meet during these working bees, the pleasure lies in greeting other people who accepted to give their time, energy, constructive ideas, and reassuring smiles to D'Arts et de rêves.

Inside the residence there were several days of work to:

  • assemble furniture and move/install it where needed;
  • complete the layout of the residence's bedrooms and washroom;
  • protect the countertops by applying several coats of waterproof varnish;
  • take inventory of all tools available to the artists;
  • mark all the equipment and tools;
  • tidy up the storage area;
  • install tool racks in both studios;
  • install fire extinguishers in both studios.

Outside, the landscaping in front of the residence had to be completed.

  • La Roche posée dug trenches and moved the large stones that mark the boundary of the lawn in front of the residence.
  • Volunteers planted the numerous shrubs and tall grasses that Nicole had purchased.
  • Then these same volunteers had the pleasure of leaving with some of the shrubs that were left over.
    A great gift as these shrubs flower every June.

Once again this year, the park and its trails are being cared for by Luc Giguère, who is truly a pro at handling our tractor. You have to see him cut around the shrubs and the sculptures with infinite patience and meticulousness. Thank you Luc for giving us so much of your time again this year.

Then there were other occasions when volunteers provided invaluable help:

  • The presentation of Tri Cycles Entrelacs required volunteers to welcome groups of school children and accompany them along the artistic parcour.
  • The inauguration of the Poetry Cocoon also required volunteers to welcome and direct the artists, authors, and visitors on site.
  • The Branché circus show, a collaboration between Cirque Barcode and Acting for Climate Montréal, which attracted more than 200 people, was also a success thanks to the volunteers who were on site to guide the nearly 200 spectators.

In short, volunteers are part of the DNA of D'Arts et de rêves and we sincerely thank you for your presence, your generosity, and your smile.

If you would like to join us for a possible chore, contact Natasha with your details.

The following photos may allow you to see friends and neighbours at work.

Indoor working bee


Two new volunteers concentrating on the task at hand :
Dominique Maheux (left) and Josée Rochette (right).

In the photo on the right you will surely recognize Katherine Godbout, a long-time volunteer.


Outdoor working bee

kathryn godbout
corvée 2

Anick Cromp in the background and Katherine Godbout in the front. Why yes! Katherine is a frequent and much appreciated helper at most D'Arts et de rêves working bees.

Perhaps not the best photo as it's somewhat hard to identify all the volunteers but a photo that clearly demonstrates the seriousness of the work to be done.

Other people who contributed to these chores were: Marie Amyot, Doris Mondor, Louise Brisson, Nicole Côté, Natasha Evoy, Renée Larouche, Gilles Lavoie, Liliane Lessard, Liza Merovitz, Odile Savaresse, Pierre Surprenant, Paulette Vanier, Sylvie Vézina, Michèle Vigeoz, Darryn Granbois and Josepi Grandbois.

By Liliane Lessard
volunteer since 2015