MusArt is our annual fundraising event, but where does that term come from?

Have you ever wondered where the term MusArt that we've been using since 2019 to name our annual fundraising event came from? As you can well imagine, two words inspired the two syllables of the term, but which ones?

  1. What word does the "Mus" in MusArt come from?
    1. Amuse
    2. Muse
    3. Museum
    4. Museum
    5. Music
  2. What word does the "Art" in MusArt come from?
    1. Art
    2. Artefact
    3. Artifice
    4. Artisan
    5. Artist

Well done if you have chosen 1 b) and 2 d). You guessed right!

For your information:

Muse is a person who inspires or leads another person to be creative. and
Artist is a person who practices one of the fine arts professionally.

Why did we choose to invent this word? I would say that it is essentially to express:

  • our mission to support creation in multiple artistic fields
  • in a place that is most inspiring for artists.

MusArt is all this in one word! What do you think of it?


Nicole Côté, President
D’Arts et de rêves