D’Arts et de rêves’ Annual general meeting, April 9, 2022

An AGM where everyone is in a good mood and full of goodwill...

That was the case on that grey Saturday morning in Studio A of Studios DAR Sutton. There was good news to share with those present, despite the fact that, over the past two years, COVID has had a negative impact on the stays at the residencies, the cultural mediation activities as well as those offered in the DAR Cultural Park. The minutes were drafted by Natasha, submitted to the management, and will be given to the D’Arts et de rêves members before the next AGM.

The following photos show how delighted the presenters were to hold a face-to-face AGM, whereas the last two meetings were held virtually.

There's no doubt about it, virtual versus face-to-face, we vote for face-to-face!

Nicole Côté introduced François Bérard who was elected President of the Assembly and masterfully led the meeting.


Nicole, as Director and President of the Board, presented the Board's report.

Jean Roy, Vice President, administrator, project manager for Rénovation Espace Multi, spoke about the renovations. He was able to manage this project without exceeding the allocated budget, a feat in itself. As a matter of fact, he was even able to hand over a surplus of $68 to the DAR fund, to the great pleasure of Joanie Leroux-Côté, secretary-treasurer, responsible for the finance committee.


Yves Neveu, Chair of the Artistic committee, spoke about the committee, the applications for residency that captured their interest, the grants that were offered to artists, and the activities planned for this summer and fall. Keep an eye on the D'Arts et de rêves Facebook page, you'll love what you’ll find.

Joanie Leroux-Côté described in a clear and precise manner the financial situation by presenting the balance sheet and the annual financial statements for 2021. We are counting on grants and the 2022 fundraising campaign to replenish our funds. Once again this year, the accounting will be generously assumed by Julie Côté, who has been overseeing the financial health of D'Arts et de rêves since its very beginning.



Henri Lamoureux took a step back and did not stand for re-election as a Board member: he was thanked and warmly applauded.

The number of Board members was increased from 7 to 9, a resolution approved unanimously.

The mandates of Nicole Côté and Yves Neveu were renewed. François Bérard, Joanie Leroux-Côté, and Jean Roy will complete their mandates. The new members are Louise Brisson, former member of the Artistic Committee, France Mongeau and Jean-Jacques Pillet who also served on the Artistic Committee, and Jacques Renaud, a new member to the organization.

Special thanks

Nicole ended the meeting by thanking those who supported her in 2021 and by presenting them with flowers. Natasha received the largest bouquet: her presence, her smile, and her dedication are greatly appreciated by all those involved in one way or another with D'Arts et de rêves.


By Liliane Lessard