Annual fundraising campaign

Annual fundraising campaign

Together for the Arts in 2022

✫ GOAL - $100,000 ✫

Be part of an exceptional multidisciplinary artistic project.


©Photo: Claude Dagenais

Photo: Jean-Jacques Pillet

D’Arts et de rêves,
a cultural legacy for generations to come.


Quebec has recently acquired a unique and inspiring place of creation, providing a wonderful impression of serenity; a multidisciplinary creation residence located in an environment favouring artistic expression in the heart of nature and the town of Sutton.

©Photo: Claude Dagenais

Photo: Claude Dagenais

The success of the site is linked to its exceptional character, which allows it to host artists from three disciplines during the same creative period: CIRCUS ARTS, VISUAL ARTS, and LITERARY ARTS.

D'Arts et de rêves also offers the population and its visitors

Free access to a sculpture garden located in a cultural park of seven (7) acres criss-crossed by paths allowing for the discovery of works of art in an enchanting place set in the heart of Sutton.


Photo: Jean-Jacques Pillet

The park is accessible free of charge all year round, from sunrise to sunset.

Without the support of precious donors, few artists would be able to share their creations, and their creative processes, so your support is important.

This year we are asking for your support to CONTINUE to:

  • Offer scholarships for creative excellence
  • Provide high quality cultural education activities
  • Acquire, install, and maintain state-of-the-art equipment
  • Maintain the site of the residence and its sculpture garden
s pesot enrtrelacs

Photo: Sébastien Pesot

In 2021, thanks to your donations and to the work of our generous volunteers, we were able to:

  • Complete renovations to the residence
  • Award our first scholarships of excellence to the three best projects selected by a jury
  • Acquire essential creative equipment
  • Install two new monumental sculptures:
    • L’interdit Damoclèse by André Fournelle
    • Vroom by Donald Davidson
  • Ensure the maintenance of the park, paths, and sculptures
  • Produce the first season of Samedis DAR in the park's natural agora
D'Arts et de rêves

Photo: Lance Evoy

quand le silence

Photo: Natasha Evoy



By becoming a member for the modest sum of $20, you will not only feel like you are contributing to a great work, but you will also receive our newsletter to keep you informed of all our activities.


Giving... It's each and everyone's choice, according to one’s heart, one’s ability to contribute, one’s goodwill. Without the support of donors, D'Arts et de rêves can not exist.

    • By cheque, payable to D’Arts et de rêves and sent to 27 B, rue Principale Nord, Sutton, J0E 2K0,
    • Visit our website to make an online donation.


At D’Arts et de rêves, your donation, no matter how small, really makes a difference!



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Photo: Natasha Evoy

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