Already one year since the reopening. Here is what we have accomplished …

Welcoming artists in residence

Of course, we immediately and enthusiastically started receiving artists in our new residence. Their comments from the beginning have been extremely warm and complimentary. As we had hoped, the space is welcoming, inviting and inspiring.

Who are these artists?

From July 3, 2021 to June 15, 2022, we welcomed no less than 28 artists :

  • André Fournelle, sculptor, visual art
  • Mancy Rezaei, visual art
  • Anne Billy, visual art
  • Yannick Guéguen, visual art
  • Françoise Segard, visual art
  • Pénélope Mallard, literary art
  • Laur Fugère, voice
  • Éliane Bonin, circus art
  • The Chita Project: Anna Kichtchenko et Pablo Omar Pramparo, circus art
  • Pier Courville, literary art
  • Dolorèze Léonard, circus art
  • Élise Turcotte, literary art
  • Sylvia Meillon, visual art
  • Duo Vespertilio: Tanya Burka et Sidonie Adamson, circus art
  • Multidisciplinary Project - Tri Cycles Entrelacs with:
    • Nathan Biggs-Penton, circus art
    • Sébastien Pesot, visual art
    • Véronique Pascal, literary art
  • Branché, a collaboration between Cirque Barcode and Acting for Climate Montréal, with :
    • Adrien Malette-Chénier
    • Anna Saltys-Morse
    • Anne-Marie Godin
    • Heidi Blais
    • Mathieu B Girard
    • Pasha Muravyev
    • Samuelle McGowan-Richer
    • Nathan Biggs-Penton
  • Ralph Elawani, literary art
  • Yves Arcand, visual art

The events

We organized and facilitated 17 cultural mediation meetings, two of which were with children from the Frelighsburg and Dunham elementary schools.


We presented our first Samedis DAR (DAR Saturdays) in the summer of 2021.

  • A free show concept that we hope to repeat every year.
  • Essentially, it's about showcasing one or other of the three artistic families we support: contemporary circus, literature, and visual arts.
  • Our first Samedis DAR in 2022 took place on May 29 with the unveiling of the beautiful Poetry Cocoon with Marie Clark and many participants. This exhibition is yours to see until Labour Day weekend.
  • A beautiful circus show, "Branché", a collaboration of eight circus artists from the United States and Quebec, took place on June 11 in front of over 200 people.
  • Note that the next Samedis DAR will be held on August 13 with an interactive exhibition with artist Sophie Perry, winner of a DAR scholasrship.

Working behind the scenes

We have completed the interior renovations and furnishings of the rooms to make them more welcoming and comfortable for the artists.

We worked on sourcing, purchasing, receiving, assembling, and installing all the basic equipment needed for the creative workshops and for Studio A, the ground floor space that can accommodate up to 60 persons.

If you had the opportunity to visit the residence on July 3rd, you might have noticed that the interior and exterior were beautiful but the workshops were quite empty. Had you told us so, you would have been right. We had it all planned out but had yet to make it happen.

A big thank you to all the volunteers who generously helped us with this huge task which is not quite complete but is progressing at a smooth pace. Dozens and dozens of hours of work and fun.

Outside work

We have completed the landscaping around the Residence and studios. Once again a big thank you to the volunteers who dug, watered, and planted nearly 80 shrubs and perennials in May..

corvée 1

Fred Arsenault of La Roche posée, Louise Brisson in front, Anick Cromp right behind her, and Katherine Godbout in the back

We have continued to take loving care of the Cultural Park with the help of generous volunteers and especially Luc Giguère who has been cutting the grass since the beginning of the season. Many thanks Luc, we enjoy these well-cleared trails.


Please note that we still haven't found a gardener for the park this year. If you know someone who might be interested, please ask them to contact The park needs tender and regular loving care. See Job offer

To see volunteers at work, see the article on the Spring 2022 working bees.


Nicole Côté, President
D’Arts et de rêves