Our scholarship recipients in residence


We announced in June 2021 (2021 Residencies and *NEW* scholarship competition) the names of the three artists who were awarded a $1500 scholarship and a stay free of charge at the DAR residence.

  • Visual Arts: Yannick Guégen
  • Literary Arts: Pénélope Mallard
  • Circus arts : The Chita Project (Anna Kichtchenko and Pablo Pramparo)

All these artists enjoyed our environment, the surrounding nature, and the enchanting site that is the D'Arts et de rêves artists' residence to move their projects forward. They were all very grateful to have been able to work in a place so conducive to reflection and creation

By accepting the grant and the stay at the residence, the artists were to offer a cultural mediation activity, which they all did brilliantly.

Visual arts: Yannick Guégen

By Liliane Lessard

On September 23rd, Yannick Guéguen enabled us to see the DAR Park from a different perspective. During his residence, Yannick crisscrossed all the paths, explored the park from top to bottom and right to left, and even discovered plant species that were unknown to us, the DAR Park enthusiasts.

Yannick's project, META-BOTANICA, is a body of work, questioning the relationship between plants, botany, and tactile dimensions. How to create works that are inspired by the tactile dimensions of plants, that provoke a more sensitive listening of the plant world while raising awareness of the fragility of ecosystems? These works of digital art, sound art, and visual art aim to question our relationship to touch in the knowledge of plants. This was the first cultural mediation activity at the DAR residence that made such extensive use of new technologies.

Yannick even made us listen to recordings he had made of plants which were reminiscent of singing insects. This was quite a revelation for many of us.

Thank you Yannick for broadening our horizons.

IMG_Yannick de dos
IMG_Yannick intéractif

The presentation was very technical and quite fascinating.

Yannick guiding participants in an exploratory exercise.

Literary Arts: Penelope Mallard

By Liliane Lessard

On October 21, Marie Clark hosted a meeting with writer Pénélope Mallard, who had previously lived in Sutton and taken a writing course with Marie. You won't be surprised to learn that several other budding writers from Sutton were on hand to hear Penelope talk about her journey and her current project―a collection of fragments about her mother's life (now deceased). It was a really nice exchange, with people paying close attention to what was being said.

Interestingly, also in the room was Paulette Vanier, the artist behind the willow cocoon in the DAR Park. Pénélope and Paulette had had the opportunity on more than one occasion to cross paths in the park and discuss their respective art. Nicole Côté had imagined a place where artists from different disciplines would meet and learn from each other, and even influence each other, which is the experience that Paulette and Pénélope shared with us that day.

IMG_Péné et Marie
IMG_Péné et foule

Pénélope Mallard

Pénélope Mallard and Marie Clark

An attentive audience...

The Chita Project: Anna Kichtchenko and Pablo Pramparo

By Mélodie Martin Couture

Under the starry sky of a chilly evening, about twenty persons gathered on November 4th in Studio A of D'Arts et de rêves to attend the performance of the scholars in circus art, The Chita Project, a duo composed of Anna Kichtchenko and Pablo Pramparo. The space was almost entirely taken up by the set; a large black carpet, technical equipment, lighting, speakers, there was even a life-size doll.

After a short introduction, the artists donned feather coats and started to move around the space. We could feel martial art and circus art blending into one another, in a cacophonous sound environment managed by the artists themselves.


The Chita Project let us be part of their world; it was a moving dialogue between these two acrobats, we were in their space, we felt their strength, we admired their flexibility, and we were touched by their sensitivity. Despite our masks, we were all connected. The fluidity of their movements and their bond was mesmerizing.

Fascinated, the audience was generous with Anna and Pablo in the discussion that followed. The evening was a great opportunity for the duo to test everything they had worked on during their three-week residency.

A very special moment.

Thanks again!