“Light my fire…”

Working with careful and smiling volunteers is always a pleasure

By Liliane Lessard


The first working bee of 2021 (Working bees that bring DAR back to life!) was to burn branches and twigs accumulated in 2020 during the maintenance of the DAR Park.  The last outdoor working bee of the 2021 season was the same, minus the snow, luckily for us!

So it was a pleasure for many of us to meet at the DAR Park on November 4th.  What did we do?  We simply made a bonfire, in fact we burned the branches and twigs accumulated, once again, during the maintenance of the park.  Our task was much easier than in the spring because Mélodie Martin Couture had gathered everything that had to be burned in one place.  And, since she had placed everything on a gravel path, there was little risk of the fire spreading (the spring bonfire had so much snow all around, there was absolutely no risk of the fire ever spreading!).  We obviously had our permit, a fire extinguisher, and water nearby, just in case... but we didn't need any of that because there was little or no wind, the sun was shining brightly, and only careful and experienced people were at work.


See for yourself.


Mélodie Martin Couture,
this was her last day of work.

Luc Giguère and Mélodie Martin Couture who worked in the park all summer long.

Luc Giguère,
our happy and generous volunteer.


Gilles Lavoie, volunteer since the first DAR working bee.

From left to right:  Pierre Surprenant, Jean Roy, Katherine Godbout, Liliane Lessard, Nicole Beaudry, Luc Giguère, and Natasha Evoy.


Natasha Evoy rewarded us with doughnuts
(you might recognise the box?) and good homemade muffins.

Mélodie Martin Couture, happy to leave us
or happy about this working bee she had prepared so well...