MusArt 3, D’Arts et de rêves fundraising campaign

MusArt 2021

Our annual fundraising event, MusArt, 3rd edition, concluded on August 14 with the screening of Le Sentier and the closing of the online auction. The event, which could not take place in person due to COVID-19, took a bold step this year, namely the co-production of an Art film. It was an exceptional adventure and we are impressed by the result, all thanks to the hard work of the director, Jean-Jacques Pillet.

Tickets for the online broadcast of the film were sold online and at our various events (Samedis DAR and MusArt Exhibition).

The online auction featured works donated by collectors and artists, a collection that we were able to display at the Sutton DAR Studios from August 5 to 14, as well as prizes donated by local merchants. More than 150 persons visited the MusArt Auction's physical exhibition, and it was really great to see you again!

We have a few plans in mind to show the short film Le Sentier again, but in person this time, and the idea of submitting it to festivals has been on our minds! The artwork from the auction will also find its place in a gallery.

Unfortunately, MusArt 3 did not reach its objectives, raising just under $5,000 of the expected $25,000! We understand that the pandemic context is holding back the buyers/donors who are usually loyal to us and that the fatigue of online events is being felt. With this in mind, over the next few weeks, we will be increasing our communication and promotional efforts in order to meet the overall objectives of our fundraising campaign. The future of our organisation depends on it. To support us: D'Arts et de rêves - Give

Above all, we are very proud of and grateful for the work of our organizing committee and of all the people who helped out with the various projects this year. Many hearfelt thanks!


Caroline Guimont