“Bauhaus” at home in DAR meadow: VROOM, a sculpture by Don Davidson

A donation to D'Arts et de rêves

If you went for a walk in the DAR Cultural Park this summer, you may have noticed a new sculpture among the milkweed at the top of the hill (northeast corner of the park). This new acquisition is VROOM by artist Don Davidson, a sculpture offered to D'Arts et de rêves by a very generous patron who, in addition to donating the work, covered the costs of restoration, transport, and installation.


Its location, on a trail leading to the hilltop, suits it perfectly. Indeed, as you climb the hill from the Agora, you can see this slender silhouette, pointing towards the sky and blending in perfectly with the conifers in the background, though it does stand out because of its bright red colour.

The steel plate sculpture bears the signature of Don Davidson, greatly influenced by the Bauhaus movement which advocated the use of industrial materials and production techniques, as well as a minimalist aesthetic. The artist's starting point was a geometric shape―a triangle in the case of VROOM―cut from a single piece of steel, which he then bent to create a shape of its own and thereby giving the work its character.


Don Davidson, design and sculpture

Following a distinguished career in the field of design in the United States, Don Davidson, upon his retirement, returned to settle in Quebec. It was in his studio in Waterloo that he devoted himself to the creation of abstract sculptures. Don and his wife later moved to Sutton where Don was well known and appreciated by both the artistic community of the region and the townspeople. Don Davidson passed away in January 2021 at the age of 96. We, at D'Arts et de rêves, are truly honoured to host his sculpture.

Restoring, transporting, and installing

Since VROOM had been outside for several years, it needed to be restored. Eddie Heath, a local artist and friend of Don's, did the work required before it was transported to the DAR Cultural Park. It was finally delivered to us in late June by Ron Lauzon and Darryn Grandbois, two volunteers experienced in transporting works of art. A team of volunteers then hauled it to the chosen location.

Mélodie Martin-Couture, Darryn Grandbois, Natasha Evoy, and Gilles Lavoie, all valiant volunteers, prepared the site for the installation, working under the blazing June sun. Steps for a job well done included finalizing the site boundaries; digging the hole and the trenches for the sculpture’s underground supports; erecting and levelling the sculpture; and finally backfilling.


The photos taken during the June heat wave show Mélodie Martin-Couture, Natasha Evoy and Gilles Lavoie.

Thank you…

We sincerely thank the donor for her great generosity: VROOM has really found its place in the meadow of the DAR Cultural Park.

D'Arts et de rêves depends on the generosity of volunteers. If this project speaks to you and you would like to get involved, please contact us at: info@dartsetdereves.org, we always need help.

The DAR Cultural Park, with its sculptures and monarchs, is open every day from sunrise to sunset. Welcome to one and all!


Natasha Evoy