Third edition of MusArt, our annual fundraising event

Vanessa Bell, Honorary President of MusArt 2021

D’Arts et de rêves is thrilled to announce that the third annual MusArt fundraising event will be chaired this year by author Vanessa Bell. MusArt 2021 will feature an art and prize virtual auction (local products and services) as well as an online event. The public will be invited to attend the screening of an art film, Le sentier, a work (Director: Jean-Jacques Pillet; Director of photography: Alexis Vigneault) that poetically celebrates inspiration and the will to be. D'Arts et de rêves is aiming to raise $25,000 with the MusArt 2021 event presented online on August 14, notably through ticket sales and auction proceeds. The funds raised will support the organization's mission.

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Tickets for MusArt 3: Le Sentier

Vanessa Bell

Vanessa Bell

About Vanessa Bell

Active in the cultural milieu, Vanessa Bell is notably co-director of the literary arts organization c o n t o u r s, a critic for the magazine Le Sabord, a member of the editorial committee of Lettres québécoises, president of the Table des lettres de Québec et Chaudière-Appalaches, and a contributor to the program C'est fou (Radio-Canada). Her practice in literary arts has allowed her to perform in Quebec, Europe, and Scandinavia. In addition to the collection De rivières, she has published in magazines and collectives, published an artists' book, and signed an exhibition catalog. She co-edited the Anthologie de la poésie actuelle des femmes au Québec 2000-2020 (2021, Éditions du remue-ménage).

Tickets for the online version of MusArt 2021 will go on sale soon: keep updated via our social media!

In the meantime, save the date of August 14.

More good news

Vanessa Bell will also participate in the Samedis DAR during a SLAM event that will take place on July 17th at Parc DAR, a cultural park located behind the Studios DAR (57, rue Principale Nord, Sutton).

Also note this date on your calendar!


Caroline Guimont

MusArt 2021―Le Sentier (The Path), a film for this year’s fundraising event

This pandemic has imposed silence upon us, projecting our reflection in the mirror; a challenge for which we were not ready...

Through a short film, MusArt 3, 2021, takes us this year on "Le Sentier" of the language of the heart, our intuition: a sacred zone from which an analytical mind often turns away. This cinematographic work has a dreamlike quality, featuring the three disciplines we represent at Studios DAR Sutton, an operatic fresco where humans find themselves at the heart of nature.


A woman, a fallen aristocrat whose sensibility is similar to that of the great mystics, wanders in the heart of a forest seeking the path to her soul, hanging her wish papers on the trees. She seems to come from another time, but no one can pretend to solve this enigma...

She claims to be a painter, but from her memories are drawn empty picture frames.

le sentier

On the path of her rites, she begins a dialogue with the clear song of the wind, the great master of whispers who keeps his origin secret. She confides in it that she is in search of the dictation of her brushes, this invisible poem that has so often pierced her heart with its absence.

"You, my brother the wind, deposit in my heart the breath of ephemeral beauties, I will share them..."

She will then invite this brother to guide her soul towards this place where creation has no law.

Studios DAR Sutton is a place of creation where the latter rises in complete freedom. Creating becomes a state of being which cannot be altered, a "flow" that is unique and precious, and protected by the artist.

Creation cannot be altered in its essence, the challenge is to materialize it in order to share the story.

During this most challenging "Covidian" period, we realized how much art is part of our lives! Artists from all walks of life have generously shared their creations to keep us in balance. Imagine for a second the opposite!

This short film will be the signature of MusArt 3, 2021 from Studios DAR Sutton. Come and encourage balance and creation, the dialogue between Nature and Art that is one and the same and of which we are a part.

Creativity is a trickle of water that carries a powerful voice!


Jean-Jacques Pillet
Director of the short film Le Sentier (MusArt 3)