Marianne Lévesque joins the DAR team for the summer season

Lots of good news to share!

As you may already know, D'Arts et de rêves (DAR) has big plans for this year, including the reopening of the residence-workshop, the Samedis DAR, and the third edition of MusArt. Communicating all this good news will therefore be essential, and this is where Marianne Lévesque, our summer recruit, will play a crucial role.

photo DAR

Marianne Lévesque

New coordination assistant for the summer of 2021

Marianne has been hired as a coordination assistant. She will be working 3.5 days a week until mid-August, and will amongst other things:

  • Coordinate the online auction to help out the MusArt team.
  • Handle communications and social media for the fundraising campaign.
  • Back up the DAR team in supporting the artists in residence.

Loving to communicate

It is thanks to a program supported by the Canadian government that encourages the hiring of summer students that Marianne is with DAR, otherwise it would hardly have been possible to have an extra resource during this peak period. It is also a great opportunity for Marianne to touch upon all aspects of communication coordination and to continue to learn while participating in a project with concrete results.

How did Marianne find out that a dream job for a communications student at UQAM was going to be offered at DAR ? Networking, chance, communication... three factors which made it so that Marianne met Caroline Guimont, Operations Coordinator, who spoke about her work with such energy and overwhelming enthusiasm that Marianne said to herself she would be "crazy not to seize this opportunity".

Loving Sutton

Since she discovered the Sutton region about two years ago, Marianne has become increasingly fond of our little corner of the country. She finds the people welcoming and the values of mutual aid and diversity therein made her want to stay here. How could anyone oppose such an opinion?


Good luck at DAR Marianne and do enjoy the magnificent Sutton summer!


Liliane Lessard