Looking back on the 2021 DAR AGM



More than twenty members attended the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of D'Arts et de rêves (DAR) which took place on April 17 via Zoom: the meeting was informative and friendly. Indeed, happy to meet again, people took advantage of the few minutes before the official opening to greet each other and exchange pleasantries.

A few words from our President

Nicole Côté, President and CEO, opened the meeting by presenting the Board of Directors' activity report and by thanking the members of the Board for the important work they accomplished during this year marked by many challenges, notably the pandemic, in addition to the renovation of the residence-workshop started in June 2020.

Ms. Côté went on to acknowledge the perseverance of all those – members, volunteers, workers, and partners, who helped keep the organization going despite the devastating impact of the pandemic on the arts and culture sector. Achievements in 2020 include:

  • The creation of a second permanent position.
  • The production of the annual MusArt 2 fundraising event, in virtual mode and therefore in compliance with health regulations, and an online auction of which 50% of the profits were shared with the participating artists.
  • A summer program offering three interactive artistic performances with the public.
  • The Un conte à la fenêtre (Window storytelling) happening by artist-in-residence Patsy Van Roost.
  • And of course, the renovation project of the residence-workshop.

Good news from our project manager

Then Jean Roy, vice-president and project manager, presented the activity report of the Renovation Committee. He confirmed that, despite the many impacts of the pandemic (increased material prices, labor shortages, etc.), the work had progressed as planned and that the committee was confident that the project was on budget and on schedule. Mr. Roy also expressed his satisfaction with the progress of the work and the professionalism shown by all the collaborators, notably the contractor Pierre Boivin, the workers, the subcontractors, and the architect.

The architect talks about the Espace-Multi

Thanks to a visual and informative presentation by Élisabeth Bouchard, architect from eba, participants learned more about the progress of the Espace-Multi project and about the interior of the new building: a sober and modern design that pays tribute to the original barn, a bright and spacious space that will be more than inspiring for the artists who will work there. Thank you eba for creating such a wonderful place for both the artists and the Sutton community.

The Espace-Multi project was also included in the report of the Artistic Committee presented by Yves Neveu. The Committee reviewed the operating framework of the residence and studios post-renovations, revised the occupancy costs and the schedule of use of the premises, and renamed the new residence Les Studios DAR Sutton. Mr. Neveu also announced the creation of a scholarship program for artists in the three DAR disciplines and the acquisition of a new monumental sculpture, donated by André Fournelle.

Money matters

For her part, Joanie Leroux-Côté, secretary-treasurer, unveiled the balance sheet and the 2020 financial statements, which were balanced despite the challenges of the pandemic. On behalf of the executive, she thanked Julie Côté, accountant, for her precious support.

Projects on the drawing board

Caroline Guimont, Operations Coordinator, shared with us the upcoming projects for 2021, starting with the reopening of Studios DAR Sutton, scheduled for July 3rd: open house, performances, circus workshops for children, and the unveiling of Mr. Fournelle's sculpture are on the agenda. She then summarized the Samedis DAR, an artistic program scheduled for summer / fall 2021.

End of the AGM

The president then provided information on the strategic plan for the next three years. Eight axes of development were identified to specify our future actions and our means of action: Artists in Residence, Mediation, Communication, Accessibility, Dissemination in the Park, Links with the Community, Financing and Human Resources.

The last item on the agenda was the election of the Board of Directors. The four members whose terms were expiring stood for re-election and were re-elected by acclamation as there were no other nominations.


Natasha Evoy
DAR Administrative Coordinator