2021 Residencies and *NEW* scholarship competition!


Juries hard at work

With the expected completion of the major renovations, we were able to re-launch the call for residencies for 2021, which was, to say the least, a very exciting process!

This spring, an independent jury of professional artists from each of the three disciplines we represent analyzed numerous applications and we are very pleased to share with you below the names of the artists who will be visiting us before the end of the year.

Also this spring, we held our first ever scholarship competition. Indeed, we launched a call which rewarded the selected candidates with three (3) weeks in residence (free of charge) and a $1,500 bursary. One scholarship per discipline was therefore awarded by the five (5) members of a second equally independent jury.

Congratulations to this year's recipients:

  • Circus arts: The Chita project
  • Literary Arts: Pénélope Mallard
  • Visual Arts: Yannick Guégen

2021 Residency calendar

Follow our social media and visit the D'Arts et de rêves website to find out when the artists will be staying at Studios DAR Sutton and when you will have the chance to meet them.


  • André Fournelle (visual arts – in situ)
    Unveiling of his monumental sculpture in the DAR Park on July 3 during the reopening
  • Sanctuaire (circus arts – in situ)
    In performance during the July 10 Samedis Dar in the DAR Park


  • Anne Billy (visual arts)
  • Charlotte Fallu and Mathilde Richer (circus arts)
  • Mancy Razaei (visual arts)


  • Catherine Lejeune (visual arts)
  • Françoise Ségard (visual arts)
  • Yannick Guégen (SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT – visual arts)


  • La Croustade (circus arts)
  • Pénélope Mallard (SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT – literary arts)


  • CHITA project (SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS - circus arts)
  • Cirqu’à vélo (circus arts)

Thanks to the members of the juries

We would like to thank the members of the two independent juries for their outstanding work, a meticulous and engaging process that is essential to our work #coeur #jury #merci

Members of the jury of the call for residencies

  • Francine Couture
  • Johanne Gélinas
  • Valérie Carreau

Members of the jury for the scholarship competition

  • France Mongeau
  • François Turcot
  • Isabelle Chassé
  • Suzanne Pressé
  • Sylvie Lacerte

Our sincere thanks to all of you!


Caroline Guimont