2021 Fundraising Campaign

Together for Arts' Sake!


D'Arts et de rêves is gearing up after a year marked by the pandemic and the major renovation of its barn―the artists' residence Les Studios DAR. As you most probably know, the arts and culture community has suffered heavily as a result of the various restrictions experienced. D’Arts et de rêves was no exception. The shortfall is significant, hence the current campaign. We have worked with passion and vigor this year on our construction project and on preparing the reopening of our place.

In 2020, and despite the pandemic, we took on significant challenges:

  • Creating a 2nd permanent position.
  • Beginning major work on our barn.
  • Holding MusArt, our annual fundraising event.
  • Completing professional training in philanthropy (the DAR team and some volunteers).


Today, we are launching our annual fundraising campaign with enthusiasm and confidence because we know that you too are committed to the development of culture in our region. The goal of our current campaign, Together for arts' sake!, is $65,000.


D'Arts et de rêves is a unique project that brings together artists from all over the world in visual arts, literary arts, and contemporary circus arts. It is also a vast cultural park of seven (7) acres open to the public in which there are more than thirty works of art, sculptures as well as large-scale installations, and where it is pleasant to walk, observe, be inspired. This place is the result of the hard work of three visionaries: Nicole Côté, Henri Lamoureux, and Joanie Leroux-Côté, patrons and volunteers, representatives of each of the disciplines we support. Together for Arts' Sake!


" Without a doubt: since March 2020, our leaders will have put more effort into protecting a culture of entertainment ... than Culture itself. " Pierre Curzi, Le Devoir, April 16th, 2021.


To support the mission of D'Arts et de rêves in 2021 is:

  • To contribute to making the visual arts, literary arts, and contemporary circus arts accessible to one and all.
  • To offer professional artists in visual arts, literary arts, and contemporary circus arts a creation residency as well as an inspiring venue for each of the art forms supported by the organization.
  • To foster interdisciplinarity between the artists in residence and promote innovation.
  • A cultural park open to the public where Art meets nature.


More specifically, your generosity this year will help to:

  • Complete the renovation of the residence.
  • Reopen the residence in July 2021
  • Acquire and install specialized equipment for the artists.
  • Acquire equipment and furniture to receive the public.
  • Present four (4) free and spectacular art events at the DAR Park during the summer of 2021.
  • Provide ongoing support for artists in residence beginning in July 2021 and the promotion of these artists and their work.
  • Acquire and install two new sculptures in the DAR Park.
  • Entretenir le Parc DAR.

Here is how the funds are used, how your financial participation helps us:


In addition, D’Arts et de rêve is a proud business partner of local businesses and its residence-studio, like its park, constitute a cultural pole of the region by contributing to its status as a cultural destination. Furthermore, the artists who reside there participate in the economic life of the village and the surrounding area.

To support D'Arts et de rêves is to support a project that is both structuring and vital for Sutton and the region, on an artistic, economic, and social level. Let's choose to support this project, Together for Arts' Sake!

Our most sincere thanks,


The D’Arts et de rêves Board and its team

And now ... how to support D'Arts et de rêves ?


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Donate. It is everyone's choice to give according to his or her own heart, goodwill and ability to contribute. Without donors like yourself, D'Arts et de rêves would not exist.