Welcome Caroline Guimont: New member of the DAR team

The D'Arts et de rêves team is happy to welcome Caroline Guimont as its new Operations Coordinator. Caroline will soon be a full-time Sutton resident and is looking forward to being reunited with friends and family who already live in the area. That's one of the reasons that attracted Caroline to the area, but the most important one is the fact that she had been keeping an eye on D'Arts et de rêves for a while, so when she saw that we were looking for a resource in communication and coordination, she applied right away. The timing was perfect.

The art world has always fascinated Caroline, as the photo on the right shows.

By the way, Caroline would like to pay tribute to Melsa Montagne, a Montreal painter whose work she loves and admires.

You will have more than one opportunity to meet Caroline, if you haven't already done so, as she will be active this summer with the reopening of Studios DAR Sutton and planning Les Samedis DAR in the cultural park.


Digital portrait by Melsa Montagne.

But let's learn more about Caroline...

After studying visual arts at Cégep Montmorency, then cultural animation and research at UQAM, Caroline collects very diverse experiences where communications and project development quickly become her trademark.

Combining practical applied learning and skills, it’s in the mid-2000s that Caroline grew closer to the philanthropic and cultural communities. This enabled her to specialize in accompanying philanthropic organizations in their promotional, communication, and event management efforts. Whether it be a question of organizing major events, fundraising, public relations, or internal and external communication, Caroline has shown more than once that she can walk the talk.

Caroline is delighted to join Nicole Côté, President and General Director, and Natasha Evoy, Administrative Coordinator. She truly has communications and project development at heart and is more than eager to put her experience, talents, and skills to good use in this new stage in the life of the Studios DAR Sutton and cultural park.