Pierre Savard, “steward” of our cultural park


Pierre Savard,
at the entrance of the D'Arts et de rêves cultural park

Finding the perfect resource

If 2020 more than tested the world as we knew it, the D'Arts et de rêves park fortunately emerged unscathed. Indeed, it has never been so well and this, in large part, thanks to Pierre Savard, our Park Maintenance Manager. It would perhaps be more accurate to speak of Pierre as the "steward" of the park because he truly took over the place and made friends with its visitors, both human and animal.

His competencies

Pierre assumed his duties in mid-June and immediately set to work to maintain and, above all, improve what was already in place. It must be said that he brought with him a well-equipped toolbox and a wealth of experience:

  • a good knowledge of plants;
  • know-how and resourcefulness to build and repair tools and installations;
  • a flair for art and beauty stemming from his long experience in the artistic world. As a matter of fact, Pierre even designed and marketed his own line of make-up products: PROMEL.

His accomplishments

Pierre accomplished quite a lot in the park:

  • He performed with TLC (tender loving care) the daily tasks of maintaining the plants, the lawn, and the sculptures.
  • He also improved the facilities on site, notably by:
    • creating a storage area for organic materials;
    • building a compost bin using salvaged pallets.
  • He also reconfigured the reception kiosk at the entrance to the park by building a storage system for tools and equipment.
  • He as well repaired a damaged sculpture and poured a cement base for a new work of art.


Visitors to the park have repeatedly talked about his warm welcome and all those who have worked alongside him, volunteers and employees alike, say nothing but good things about this nice, hard-working, and friendly guy.

We sincerely thank him and do hope he will come back and join us in the spring of 2021.