Make way for magic: Un conte à la fenêtre (window story-telling) by Patsy Van Roost

The holiday season is fast approaching. In keeping with this festive spirit, the D'Arts et de rêves team has prepared a gift full of magic and light for all Sutton children and adults alike. We are truly pleased to present Un conte à la fenêtre, an original creation by fairy artist Patsy Van Roost.

Marie en classe

Marie Clark facilitating a workshop
ith the students of Sutton Sutton.

From December 1st to 24th, 2020

Stemming from the fertile imagination of Sutton's students, nourished by the experience of our elders, and shaped by inspired artist-writers, a festive tale will, over the course of the days, be illuminated in the windows of the stores on rue Principale. With the help of an Advent calendar designed for the occasion, people will be able to follow the story by going to the address indicated where the day’s story will be in evidence. Rue Principale will light up gradually throughout the whole month to shine brightly on December 24.

December 1st: First showcase and distribution of the calendar

The adventure will begin on December 1st in the window of the Comptoir du Marchand de Thé (4, rue du Dépôt) where the first excerpt of the tale will light up. We invite you to come by from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. to get a copy of the Calendar and to meet the artists who will be outside, on site, to distribute it. Please note that health measures in effect and physical distancing will have to be respected.


The January 3, 2021 group walk becomes a virtual walk

Walking as a group on January 3, 2021 and ending up at the D'Arts et de rêves cultural park for a party has been cancelled due to sanitary measures. Instead, we propose a Zoom meeting to get the chance to exchange with the artists, followed by a photographic walk of the event by Mikaël Theimer. Stay informed via the Un conte à la fenêtre Facebook page or the D'Arts et de rêves Facebook page.


Marie Bilodeau, illustrator

A unique Advent calendar

The magnificent Advent calendar created by Marie Bilodeau, a graphic designer-illustrator from Abercorn, will be offered to citizens to give each and everyone the chance to participate in the progressive unveiling of the tale and hence follow the story.

As of November 30, you can go to the following distribution points to get your copy of the calendar:

  • Le Cafetier (9, Principale N)
  • La Rumeur affamée (15, Principale N)
  • Bureau d'accueil touristique de Sutton (24A, Principale S)

The art that brings people together

A creation by Patsy Van Roost, also known as the "Mile End Fairy", Un conte à la fenêtre was born of a desire to break isolation by encouraging spontaneous exchanges between members of the same community who often rub shoulders without necessarily meeting each other, particularly because of language or generational barriers. This desire to bring people together is at the heart of Patsy's work.

As a matter of fact, the writing of this tale is the product of a collaboration between the Grade 5 and 6 students of l’École de Sutton/Sutton School and the elders of the community under the pen of Marie Clark and Agathe Génois, professional writers who also live in Sutton. Inspired by local elements/characters/places, the story, like the calendar, reflects a local texture.

soeurs Larouche

Agathe Génois and Marie Clark,

Marie Clark, Agathe Génois
and Patsy Van Roost

Agnès, Céline, and Renée Larouche,
senior singers from Sutton

You are more than welcome…

The entire village of Sutton is invited to participate in this joyful and unifying project. La Fée, the artists, the volunteers, and the entire team of D'Arts et de rêves are delighted to present this gift to you, which, we hope, will brighten up the holiday season in Sutton.

Our partners…

We would like to thank the merchants as well as those who have accepted to participate in the project. We also recognize the contribution of the Canadian and Quebec governments, as well as that of the City of Sutton, without their support this magnificent concept would not become a reality.