A willow path

A partnership that continues to grow

Two years ago, the "Cocon Vendredi Treize", a living willow creation by artist Paulette Vanier, was planted in the cultural park. Hence 2018 marked the beginning of a partnership between the Saint-Armand artist and D'Arts et de rêves. Indeed, the nature of the work―alive and continually growing―requires a longer term presence of the artist who must regularly sculpt her work. Ms. Vanier speaks rather of "braiding" though, a term more evocative of the malleable and durable stems of Salix, a truly incredible plant.


Paulette Vanier, artist

sentier cocon

The willow path

Achievements in 2020

The artist has been very active at the D'Arts et de rêves park throughout the 2020 season, continuing, on the one hand, the work of braiding the upper branches of the cocoon in order to close it and creating, on the other hand, a path leading to the cocoon. You may have noticed that the path is in the wetland area of the park, making it somewhat difficult to access. It is for this reason that Ms. Vanier has proposed the creation of a path bordered on each side by a live willow hedge that would serve as a guardrail, while helping the natural drainage of the soil, the excess water being absorbed through the roots. The result you will see is a beautiful and elegant winding path in harmony with the natural landscape.

More to come…

The Cocoon and its path represent the very first work of Land Art for the D'Arts et de rêves cultural park which just happens to lend itself naturally to this artistic trend. For Ms. Vanier, it is only a beginning, she is already thinking about her next creation but does not wish to tell us more: everything in its own time she says, let nature follows its rhythm...