Sharing Art and Beauty, 7th edition.

D'Arts et de rêves newsletter
in these times of COVID-19

Fundraising Campaign

Greetings everyone,


D'Arts et de rêves is a dream born in the minds of three artists: Nicole Côté, Henri Lamoureux and Joanie Leroux-Côté. Three artists, three disciplines: visual art, literature and contemporary circus art. A nice piece of land, a barn and a lot of hard work have led, five years later, to a magnificent sculpture park and artist’s residence in the heart of Sutton. Art in action, art shared with artists from all walks of life who come to work and join in our community, if only for a while.


Today, D'Arts et de rêves is launching its annual fundraising campaign. Our objective: $70,000 Here are the reasons why we hope you will support D'Arts et de rêves and more importantly, how. Because you can make all the difference.



Why support D'Arts et de rêves?


Supporting artists and making art accessible.. Bringing art to our community is our mission. Be it through cultural mediations with the writers, painters, sculptors, poets and circus artists who stay and create in our residence-studio, or by offering a whimsical inspriring green space for people to take a walk in. D'Arts et de rêves acts as a messenger. We support artists by offering them a unique place to create, and in exchange they meet with the community to discuss art and share their creations. As the current health crisis reminds us, we need take art away for only a while to fully understand the importance of its presence in our lives.


Cultural vitality of our region.. By attracting artists from all over Québec, as well as from abroad, D'Arts et de rêves contributes to the region's dynamism. Cultural vitality is important for people already living in the region, but also for families who choose to settle here, and are drawn in by a vibrant art scene. With our many cultural partners in and around Sutton, D'Arts et de rêves defends the "Art" component of our region's signature.


D'Arts et de rêves, partnering with local businesses.. Our studio residence is a beacon of culture in the region, which contributes to making Sutton a cultural destination. In addition, the artists-in-residence participate in the economic life of the town. As of next year, we will be able to rent space to various circus and creative companies that will contribute to the region's businesses year-round. A cultural dynamism, of course, but also a business partnership with local merchants, all year round.


Meeting the needs of the milieu.. The École de Cirque de Québec, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Culture Montérégie, the CLD Brome-Missisquoi, all support D’Arts et de rêves because they recognize the need for creative facilities in outlying regions, especially for the circus arts where the need is most dire. A space to invite creators from all over, but also to welcome people and artists from our own community.


In short, supporting D'Arts et de rêves is helping to build an artistic, economic and social framework for Sutton and the surrounding region. D'Arts et de rêves is first and foremost a charitable organization whose heart is set on promoting art and forging meaningful relationships between people from all walks of life.

And now ... how to support D'Arts et de rêves ?


Being a member is a good place to start. Contribute to a great cause for only $20. The sleep of the righteous is always more sound !


Donate. It is everyone's choice to give according to his or her own heart, goodwill and ability to contribute. Without donors like yourself, D'Arts et de rêves would not exist.


Share. Essential. By sharing the D'Arts et de rêves 2020 Campaign page on Facebook, you will exponentially multiply the voice of D'Arts et de rêves in Quebec's social media. By sharing, you participate in a relay race that will allow us to reach the greatest number of members and potential donors. To share, click on the link below. Such a small gesture, but one that helps open the door to a successful campaign.



Thanks to Charles Binamé for the photos of Paulette Vanier's work in our last newsletter. Be sure to visit Paulette's « œuvre vivant » upon your next meander through the Park. It is beautiful, alive and in constant evolution.



The Park is open every day. Get your daily dose of art and beauty. Better yet, come give us a hand! We are always in need of volunteers. Natasha is waiting to hear from you: .


Thank you for being here,

The D’Arts et de rêves team