Welcome amongst us Natasha!

Natasha Evoy

Natasha Evoy, has joined the D'Arts et de rêves team as Executive Assistant and we are very happy to have her amongst us.

Born in Montreal, Natasha studied history and literature before turning to the visual arts, but it was while planting trees in Western Canada that she discovered her passion for horticulture. And back to school she went!

When Natasha heard that the position of Executive Assistant was open at D'Arts et de rêves, she immediately applied. She saw right away that she could put into practice all the knowledge she had acquired over the years―communication, arts, and horticulture―in this innovative project that is the residence-workshop and the cultural park.

Natasha also has in her toolkit management and event planning skills, qualities that we will definitely need in the upcoming years.

As a newcomer to the region, Natasha really enjoys Dunham, her new home, because she loves the surrounding nature and the fact that she can spend more time with her family.

Two books are captivating her these days: The Count of Monte Cristo and a guide to beekeeping.

You will surely have the pleasure to meet her during our volunteer working bees or public events in the Cultural Park this summer.

Don't hesitate to come and greet her.