On the way to MusArt II

After the great success of MusArt, our fundraising event last August, we are on the way to MusArt II.

Sous le chapiteau.5
Nicole Côté, president, and Jean-Jacques Pillet, artistic director
People who came to celebrate with us the first edition of MusArt
Stéphane Lemardelé, one of the artists creating on site

Our artistic director, Jean-Jacques Pillet, and our project coordinator, Carmen Ruest, are creating a moment of joy, peace, and folly on the theme of childhood. You can most rightly assume that circus arts, visual arts, and literature will be part of the celebration.

MusArt is at the heart of D'Arts et de rêves funding. During the first edition of this event, the auction aroused passions and provoked quite a bit of interest, the echoes of which still resonate around town.

Art lovers who see D'Arts et de rêves as a major player in Sutton's cultural vitality willingly gathered under the tent last year. We certainly won’t be the ones to contradict them!

  • Join us for this celebration on Saturday, August 15; tickets will be on sale this spring.
  • Better yet: become a MusArt II volunteer.

For further information : natasha@dartsetderêves.org