D’Arts et de rêves: The circus is coming to Sutton!

This spring, our artist residence will vibrate with the performances of three contemporary circus troupes. Indeed, Cirqu’Avélo, La Croustade, and Jimmy Gonzales will succeed one another in our premises from mid-April until the end of May.

If literature was well represented at the beginning of the year with the American poetess Suzanne Eules and the Quebec writer Diane Landry as the artists in residence, circus arts will be taking over until the beginning of June, when renovation work will begin on the barn.

Cirque'Avelo is a young circus troupe formed by Pauline Baud, Dominique Bouchard, and Frederic Lemieux-Cormier. The collective's artistic research revolves around the theme of renewal (energy, materials, circus disciplines). They propose to create, in the form of a street performance for audiences of all ages, a circus work that is self-sufficient in energy and participatory.

"Electricity-generating bicycles are used as bases and motors in the creation of a dreamlike universe. Together we discover creative, playful, and inspiring solutions for reusing materials and transforming waste."

La Croustade

La Croustade is a young circus company formed by Vincent Jutras and Eline Guélat, both want to have fun in this crazy world. To do so, they plan to use the circus, their physical capacity, and their poetry to create precious moments of engagement with the audience, questioning the future by accepting the past and enjoying the present moment.

This is how they describe themselves: “A sweet taste for life, an explosion of flavor and emotion. Sparkling youth, the effervescence of the encounter between a small oat flake and its caramelized sugar. A dessert between childhood and adulthood, a new original secret recipe, fresh from the oven. Yours for the tasting!"

In collaboration with his partner Erika Nguyen, Jimmy Gonzales will continue this spring the work started at D’Arts et de rêves in May 2018. At the age of eight, Jimmy started juggling in the streets and presented his first shows. A graduate of the École nationale de cirque of Montréal, he won in 2015 the prestigious gold medal at the Festival mondial du cirque de demain in Paris. Attracted by the coexistence of artistic genres, Jimmy, through his travels and encounters, explores different forms of creation.

Jimmy Gonzales

The artists in residence at D’Arts et de rêves commit to offering a moment of performance and discussion with the people of Sutton and its surroundings. Follow our Facebook page so as not to miss any of these encounters that promise to be rich in twists and poetry!