A roof for the stars

Major work at the residence-workshop

In June, major renovations will begin at D'Arts et de rêves. Our goal is to offer our residents a creative space that is worthy of their talent. The original renovations carried out over the years currently make it possible to welcome at our residence-workshop artists in literature, as well as artists in visual arts who work with small formats. The barn is not heated in the winter and it is only in the spring that we are able to welcome circus artists in residence, until the cold weather returns and chases them away. And what's more, the space has no equipment, access is limited, the roof leaks...

But lo and behold.

  • If the name of our organization begins with D'Arts, it also contains de rêves!
  • And in June, the dream will come true!
Studios DAR

Architect Élisabeth Bouchard of eba architecture has produced the plans that will allow us to offer artists a building worthy of hosting their creativity: the roof will be replaced, the building will be insulated, and the divisions will allow well equipped and safe workshops for visual and circus arts.

A first in Eastern Canada:

  • A roof for the stars, so that life can be expressed comfortably and safely through the art of our residents.
  • A space for creation, for the interplay of ideas and the dissemination of contemporary arts.

Watch for it in June.