Robin De Leeuw: Our Volunteer of the Year!

Robin De Leeuw and his friend Gilles Lahaie at work in the D'Arts et de rêves cultural park.

Robin De Leeuw has been giving a helping hand to D’Arts et de rêves since 2015, since the famous working bee where we dismantled the Lusignan house located at the front of the property. Robin has contributed so much to D’Arts et de rêves that we even wrote an article about him in April 2018.

It was truly our pleasure to nominate Robin for the 2019 volunteer appreciation event of the City of Sutton, especially since he worked hard again this year, taking part in many working bees such as cutting trees and trimming branches, cleaning up the creek bank, and installing equipment in the cultural park. A talented artist and cabinetmaker, Robin also repaired the base of a sculpture and created benches from cut timber on the property.

Near the end of the summer, Robin took on the project of building a brand new lookout in the cultural park. To make this happen, he recruited his friend Gilles Lahaie, whom we see in the background on the photo, and this remarkable team of two did an amazing job!

Those who know Robin agree that this smiling man is reliable, efficient, generous of his time, and especially available. Robin willingly commits to D’Arts et de rêves because he loves the project and the development of this green space is close to his heart.

Once again, many thanks to you Robin!