We are campaigning to raise funds!

bandeau campagne 2019

The fundraising campaign is still on!


With the success of our MusArt event and the 2019 ongoing fundraising campaign, we have up to now raised $ 63,750.


$ 6,250 is still missing to reach our $ 70,000 goal!


It is still time to support us!

See what we have been able to achieve so far in 2019:

  • The construction of a reception and storage post at the entrance of the park
  • The purchase of maintenance tools
  • The plantation of shrubs
  • The creation of an artistic bench (still in the making)
  • Welcoming 15 artists in residence (more to come)


There is still some work to be done in the park, some artists to welcome, some “meet the artists events” to organize: so you will understand how important it is for us to achieve our fundraising goal.

Your financial participation is essential because it ensures the success of the unique and beautiful D'Arts et de rêves project.

Already our fourth year of existence! We are truly happy, and quite proud, of the resonance of the D'Arts et de rêves project. The residence is now anchored in Quebec’s artistic milieu and word of mouth from the resident artists, very happy of their stay in Sutton, is encouraging other original and recognized creators in coming to Sutton. Inspired by our desire that all those who enter the grounds of D’arts et de rêves find it an exceptional place to walk and observe nature, the property will be undergoing yearly transformations.

Your donation promotes creation in three artistic disciplines – visual arts, literature, and contemporary circus arts – and to facilitate the accessibility and appreciation of these arts by the public.

Your support allows us to continue to make your eco-cultural park an attractive, essential, and unique place in Quebec. In addition, the residence now welcomes, almost without interruption, artists from Quebec but also from abroad which makes us genuinely proud.


Donor recognition program

As donors, you will receive:

  • Our gratitude for your generosity
  • A receipt for tax purposes ($ 25 and over)
  • Your name listed on the internet portal of the campaign
  • Subscription to the newsletter
  • Your name added to the donor board at the entrance of the park, under the pertinent category:

Under $ 1,000, $ 1,000 and more, $ 5,000 and more, $ 10,000 and more, $ 50,000 and more


We do hope that we can count on your generosity and solidarity.


It is with gratitude that we thank you most warmly.