Call for tenders: Artist dossier to create a sculptural bench

In order to set up a place which inspires contemplation and relaxation, D’Arts et de rêves is looking for an artist or craftsperson to design a sculptural and original bench, which can comfortably accommodate two or three persons.


Essential criteria:

•   Can be used all year long

•   Robust and safe

•   Backrest and seat made of non-conductive material

•   Covered in whole or in part in order to provide shade would be a plus

•   Durable and requiring little or no maintenance

•   Can be anchored in concrete or whatever other material suggested by the artist or craftsperson.

•   The artwork must be designed to be easily transportable to its park location.

o  It should not pose any risk to visitors and strollers.

o  Fixing procedures must be stable and safe.


Preferred materials:

•   Steel, stone, concrete, or recycled materials

•   Long-lasting wood for the seat

•   Other possible materials, suggested by the artist.



•   We want the bench to be a useful and meaningful artwork that blends well into the cultural park and entices visitors to wander. There is no shade where the bench will be positioned in the park; hence we are looking for a bench with a structure that would create shade.



By sending an application, the artist or craftsperson accepts the organization's rules and commits to complying with them.


Katherine Godbout:  450 531-5707

We invite you to visit our website to see the works already present in the park sculptures and works.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: The application file may only be sent by email and must reach the organization no later than Monday, July 8, 2019.

Forward your application to :

Any proposal that is incomplete or received after the July 8, 2019 registration deadline will not be considered.

Ideally, the artwork will be delivered before August 24, 2019, or in the following weeks, but only after an agreement has been reached between the two parties.



Each artist or craftsperson wishing to participate must provide in one PDF file the following information:

1-Name and contact information (mailing address, telephone numbers, and email address).

2-An abbreviated resume and description of relevant experiences, creation of utilitarian items.

3-A visual file containing 3 to 5 photos of relevant works. JPEG format 72 to 150 dpi. All photos must be clearly identified and accompanied by a descriptive list (including title, materials, dimensions, and date of creation). Slides, faxes, photocopies, and other media or file formats are not accepted.

4-The sketches of the proposed work or model photos (4 faces). The proposed work must be unique and remain unique.

5-A description of the materials that will be used and the dimensions of the bench.

6-The method for securing the bench.



In the cultural park, a seven-acre lot in the heart of the village of Sutton. Paths dotted with sculptures lead to different natural ecosystems, thus allowing visitors a unique experience. D’Arts et de rêves reserves the right to choose the final location of the bench.



$ 3,500 including materials, transportation of the work, and copyright.



The completed work will become the property of the D’Arts et de rêves organization. In return, and provided that the work is completed, the organization will pay a $ 2,000 fee, including materials and transportation, to the artist or craftsperson. The disbursements for the materials can be refunded on presentation of invoices and would be, in this case, deducted from the final fee.



The selected artist or craftsperson will grant a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to the organization, authorizing the organization to publicly exhibit, reproduce, publish and distribute, and to communicate to the public by telecommunication the work covered by this contract. This license covers all of the organization's activities related to its mission.

Copyright fee: This license is granted by the artist or craftsperson in exchange for the payment of a sum of $ 1,500 by the organization.

The fee and copyright will be paid as follows: 50 % upon delivery of the bench and 50 % within ten days of delivery.

The organization undertakes to reproduce and communicate to the public the work done in its entirety, without modification or distortion, and to put online, at low resolution, the reproduction of the work.

The guest artist or craftsperson retains full, exclusive, and absolute ownership of all existing copyrights for the work, subject to the authorizations mentioned in the contract signed with the organization.



The license will be granted for the entire term of the copyright.


If work must be done on site, the artist or craftsperson will do so under his or her own recognized professional responsibility and will ensure the safety of those around him.


The selected artist or craftsperson will have to sign a contract with the organization.

Thank you,