Open house with Mylene Raiche on June 29th

Mylene Raiche is a Montreal-based visual artist who has been working with installation, sculpture, and drawing for several years to explore the power of found objects and textiles and thus convey an emotion, a state of mind, or an experience. The human condition, healing processes through transformative repair, as well as a concern for environmental problems and overconsumption are the themes that are most dear to her.

During her two-week residence at D’Arts et de rêves, Mylene will be working on an installation specific to the area and a series of weavings made from objects found here in Sutton to add this sense of place to her creation. She is as curious as we are to see how Sutton will be represented in these weavings!


You are invited to meet Mylene Raiche at the Saturday June 29 open house from 2 h @ 4 h.

D'Arts et de rêves residence at 57 Principale North in Sutton


Reservation not required but appreciated to


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Crédit photo: Michelle Claire Gevint
Mylene Raiche / Crédit photo: Michelle Claire Gevint
Hiding is showing more (2018)
Hiding is showing more (2018)