Meet David Clerson on April 13th

David Clerson was at the D’Arts et de rêves Residence in 2018 writing Dormir sans tête, his collection of short stories, which Heliotrope recently published. He so much enjoyed his stay that he will be back to start work on another novel, this one inspired by Sphagnum, the plant moss that forms the soil of peat bogs and grows in Quebec and elsewhere throughout the world. David Clerson will work from this raw material to make parallels with his main narrator whose universe and memory seem to close in on her.

To discuss his work and the writing of this fourth book, you are cordially invited to meet David Clerson

Saturday, April 13th from 2 h @ 4 h

D'Arts et de rêves residence 57 Principale Nord


David Clerson with Héliotrope


David Clerson in the press:

Dormir sans tête: les voies inattendues de David Clerson

« Dormir sans tête » : l'étrange porosité de tout

David Clerson / 
Crédit photo: Sandra Lachance
David Clerson / Crédit photo: Sandra Lachance