A new colleague at D’Arts et de rêves!

We are very happy to welcome Stéphanie L'Italien to our team; she started in May as assistant coordinator for D’Arts et de rêves.

You will most probably have the opportunity to meet Stephanie in the context of activities at D’Arts et de rêves, as she will be with us until December, thanks to an Emploi-Québec subsidy.

Having worked at the Galerie Arts Sutton and at the Maison des arts et de la culture de Bromptonville,, Stéphanie has a lot of experience working with artists; she is also quite knowledgeable with all activities surrounding exhibitions. A versatile and vibrant woman, Stéphanie is also a visual artist and is preparing a solo exhibition for 2019.

Welcome Stéphanie!

Crédit photo: Valérie L'Italien
Crédit photo: Valérie L'Italien