visuel campagne 2018

Goal: $100,000

Our 2018 Fundraising Campaign was officially launched at the Annual General Meeting held in April. We have since been able to raise $56,600, or 56,6% of our goal, and are delighted by the support we have are receiving from the community for this unique project that is D’Arts et de rêves. Thank you!

With your support in 2018...

We are beginning Phase 2 of the landscaping project of our cultural park. All those who contribute to our project can be proud to leave their mark in the park.



With your support, we will be able to do the following:

Develop a path that will make a portion of the park accessible to people with reduced mobility and families with young children, as well as a road to facilitate the installation of sculptures 33 700 $
Renovate the bridge to access the park and install a railing 20 000 $
Build a structure to store the tractor and tools 15 000 $
Purchase equipment and maintain the park and the artists' residence 11 600 $
Receive new sculptures and ensure maintenance 7 700 $
Draw the first sketches of the multidisciplinary workshop 7 000 $
Construct an embankment to enhance our ecological site and ensure its conservation 5 000 $

Work has already begun and the park will be transformed!

Come and discover the site during the vernissage of Zoné vert and Paulette Vanier on Saturday, July 21, 2018.


Donor recognition program. All donors will receive:

  1. Our gratitude for their gesture of generosity
  2. A receipt for tax purposes ($ 25 and over)
  3. The mention of the donation on the internet portal of the campaign
  4. Subscription to the newsletter
  5. Their name will be listed on the donor board at the entrance to the park under the pertaining category:

Less than $1,000

$1,000 and more

$5,000 and more

$10,000 and more

$50,000 and more


Click to see all that we have been able to achieve in 2017, thanks to you!


A park for the future

D’arts et de rêves sees great things for its community and for artists, that is why we are calling on you for this third fundraising campaign. This campaign is particularly important because it will determine how much support we can receive from the Mécénat Placement Culture program of the Ministry of Culture and Communications. This potential support will be a major factor in the success of our organization and its importance depends on your generosity and solidarity.

In short, your donations will allow us to make our eco-cultural park a must-see and unique place in Quebec.

We hope to once again be able to count on your generosity and support and we sincerely do thank you.


Nicole Côté, president, D’Arts et de Rêves


For more information on the organization and to give online: dartsetdereves.org

To reach us: 450-531-5707 / info@dartsetdereves.org


Images left to right: “Les chemins de l’histoire“ (paths of history) by Louis Lefebvre; interdisciplinary residence “Les bras croisés“ with Muriel Faille, Caroline Louisseize, and Jinny Jessica Jacinto; Jimmy Gonzalez and Erika Nguyen; “Libertés enchaînées“ (chained liberties) by Pierre Dupras; the artists’ residence with the sculpture by Daniel Haché titled “Hommage aux bénévoles“ (hommage to our volunteers).