Papillons à la carte: A very special campaign!

Good news: our goal has been achieved!

Papillons à la carte: A very special campaign!

As part of its 2017 fundraising campaign, D’Arts et de rêves added a little extra component: a crowdfunding campaign that sold Christmas cards garnished with milkweed seeds, a plant that is indispensable for the survival of the monarch butterflies. Thanks to the support of many buyers, we raised the sum of $2,316 (net amount), which will be used to create a cocoon, made of live willows, for the observation of birds and butterflies. You will be invited next summer to admire these wonders as well as the new observation cocoon in the D’Arts et de rêves park.

Papillons à la carte

During the summer of 2018, you can enjoy a unique experience in the park: watching birds and butterflies inside a live willow cocoon.

Thank you to all the card buyers and to all those who donated to make the cocoon.

There are still a few trios of cards with milkweed seeds left, you can get them at the Free Art Gallery located at 6 Principale Street South.

Cartes d'Isabelle D'Hauterive

Cartes d’Isabelle D’Hauterive

For $20, we are offering three Christmas cards designed by local artists. Inside each card, you’ll find milkweed seeds, a plant that is essential to saving the endangered monarch butterfly. By planting these seeds, you will contribute to the survival of this species and may even see them twirling in your garden! Inside each card you will find instructions for planting the seeds.

As you may have already noticed, the cultural park is a jewel in terms of ecosystem and has a wetland where several varieties of milkweed live.

Cartes de Brigite Normandin

Cartes de Brigite Normandin

We want to protect this environment with all our hearts and will also plant milkweed seeds. Linking art to nature? This is what D’Arts et de rêves wants to do by offering its visitors a living willow sculpture that will serve as a “bird and butterfly observation cocoon”. All profits from the sale of the cards will be used to make this project a reality.

Visit the Art Libre Gallery located at 6 Principale Street South in Sutton (open Thursday to Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm).

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The artists behind the cards

The cards were created by Isabelle D’Hauterive and Brigite Normandin. To learn more about these exceptional artists, click on this link: Isabelle D’Hauterive and Brigite Normandin

To learn more about the monarch butterfly: Article from La Presse – monarque espèce menacée

Isabelle D'Hauterive

Isabelle D’Hauterive

Brigite Normandin

Brigite Normandin