The story of D’Arts et de rêves… Chapter 4


The scultpure representing
Monumentum, the Sutton International Sculpture Symposium.

Here is Chapter 4 of The story of D’Arts et de rêves. In the June newsletter, you might have been surprised by the ongoing race against the clock and the many steps that led to the Sutton International Sculpture Symposium—Monumentum, from August 7 to 16, 2015.

Monumentum Daniel Haché

Daniel Haché standing proudly in front of the Monumentum poster.

Chapter IV

The organization grows and the working bees continue…

In September 2015, an employee is hired. Karina Sasseville first starts working two days a week to assist Nicole, attend committees, handle correspondence and e-mails. Then three days a week. And now, Karina works 32 hours a week for the organization and truly she has made herself indispensable!

In October, there is a working bee to move furniture. It must be said that D’Arts et de rêves had received many furniture donations over the months in preparation for the artists’ residence. Everything had been temporarily stored in Nicole and Henri’s garage but it is necessary to move all these items before the winter. Another call for volunteers. On a rainy Saturday, several cars with trailers and moving crews head for Glen Sutton. The trailers are loaded, covered with tarpaulins and travel to 57, rue Principale Nord. The artists’ residence will be well equipped.

In November, the bylaws (to be endorsed at the next AGM) are amended to add two more members to the Board: Michèle Bazin, communications expert, and Jacques Parenteau, an architect who will take on the landscaping responsibility. There are now seven members on the Board and this number is perfect for our three co-founders.

In June 2016, Michèle Bazin leaves her position on the Board and is replaced shortly thereafter by Richard Leclerc, another communications specialist, well known to Sutton residents.

Renovation of the barn Winter 2015-2016

Nicole had seen the potential of the property on her first visit and had taken pleasure in imagining the artists’ residence and the cultural park. She had drawn plans that she submitted to the Town of Sutton in May 2015 to obtain the necessary permits for the demolition and renovation. She was asked for some modifications, which she quickly made, and the game was on. The staff at city hall was very helpful, they also believed in the project and even more so they believed in Nicole.

By the end of 2015, Nicole is developing more detailed plans for the residence-workshop portion of the barn. A major find: Emmanuelle Tittley, a landscape architect starts the design of a five-year development plan; she will be working with Jacques Parenteau from the Board of Directors and members of the Landscape Committee. The plans of the residence-workshop and the cultural park make it a lot easier to visualize the whole project.

That winter, Nicole calls upon a contractor to complete the work in the residence-workshop (construction work had started in the summer of 2015, been suspended during the Symposium and continued with a different contractor in the winter 2015-2016). There are some surprises as in any restoration/renovation project, but everyone survives the stress and the residence-workshop is ready in time for the June 18, 2016 official inauguration.

And in 2016, the beat goes on…

The working bees keep on attracting volunteers. It is necessary to:

  • acquire and plant trees;
  • create flower-filled spaces;
  • install garden furniture, tables and benches;
  • install the two iron sculptures loaned by Pierre Dupras and the marble one given by Anke VanGinhoven;
  • set up the residence-workshop.

June 18 2016 Inauguration

Were you one of us at the June 18, 2016 inauguration? The December 2016 newsletter described this wonderful day and included some photos of the artists and dignitaries present. It was only the beginning of a wonderful adventure…

Who are those volunteers, sponsors, donors?

Women at work.

Some of the volunteers who gave a helping hand.

The list is in fact impressive… There are more than 125 volunteers who offer their services for different tasks on an ad hoc basis. They are mostly retired, have a lot of experience, expertise, and gray hair, but are always in a good mood and full of goodwill. Working with these volunteers is a true pleasure: if you haven’t worked with us yet, keep your eyes open because if you really want to help, you will surely find an opportunity to join us.

The Caisse populaire de Brome-Missisquoi also offered the “arms” of its employees by encouraging them to lend a helping hand on the land of D’Arts et de rêves. A nice way to give back to the community!

Then there are the local entrepreneurs who have become precious collaborators. Number of contractors—land surveyor, electrician, plumber—shared their time and expertise with us. People who worked as contractors and were paid their regular wages also supported D’Arts et de rêves by recycling materials of which they made good use of at 57, rue Principale Nord.

Sponsors and grants have significantly facilitated the growth of the organization: Québécor, the Brome-Missisquoi MRC, the Caisse populaire Desjardins Brome-Missisquoi, the Groupe (Guy) St-Louis, the MAMOT, the Brome-Missisquoi Pact, the City of Sutton, and the Student Employment and Internship program.

Miryam Saint-Pierre and Henri Lamoureux

Miryam Saint-Pierre and Henri Lamoureux working hard
during one of the landscaping bees.

D’Arts et de rêves thanks its generous donors, including Claire Léger and Pierre Dupuis, and all those whose names are on this link.

In Chapter 5 of The Little Story of D’Arts et de rêves, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the administrative structure and the committees that drive this organization.
To be continued…