The story of D’Arts et de rêves… Chapter 2

The December 2016 newsletter recounted the beginnings of D’Arts et de rêves. You learned how the vision of the three co-founders has made 57, rue Principale Nord, into a residence-workshop and a cultural park, a park that can be explored at will, 365 days a year.

In Chapter II of The story of D’Arts et de rêves, you will discover how the name of D’Arts et de rêves came to be.

Chapter II

Nicole Côté (visual arts) and Henri Lamoureux (literary arts) had a lot of pleasure imagining the project of an artists’ residence in Sutton, but to kick off the project, they needed a third accomplice, ideally someone younger who would ensure continuity of the project. They thought of Joanie Leroux-Côté, their niece working in contemporary circus arts.

Sensing Joanie’s enthusiasm, Nicole and Henri are quick to describe the property at 57, rue Principale Nord, and invite her to take a walk with them on the site. Joanie can already see a natural amphitheater where the performances of resident artists and guest artists in contemporary circus arts could be presented. Joanie is exited, what a beautiful project!

As they discuss the possibilities of the project, our three co-founders think about involving the family, whose many talents they know well. A call to all is launched.

Members of the family respond to the appeal and offer their services, on an occasional or on a more regular basis. Those of you who have participated in the different working bees at 57, rue Principale Nord, have also had the opportunity to side with these people, equally excited about this fabulous project. Other family members prefer to work in the shadows and do know that their contribution is just as valued!

Winter 2015, the project really starts to take shape, but it still doesn’t have a name: it must be baptized, and again the family is called upon.

Imagine a beautiful sunny day, a cozy home with a view of the green mountains, fire in the fireplace, a well-stocked table, comfortable armchairs, a glass of wine or two, the people happy and curious, the children playing quietly…

The Côté Lamoureux Family
The family had been invited to this brunch which would be followed by a creative activity to baptise this project that now had officially three co-founders, namely Nicole, Henri, and Joanie, but still “no name”. The christening would of course be done informally, since we were “amongst ourselves.”

It should be noted however that Nicole, Henri, and Joanie were well prepared. There was a short presentation to summarize the steps taken so far and those to come for this “no name” project. There was agreement on how to proceed and all the supplies needed to jot down the guests’ ideas had been purchased—flip chart sheets, colored markers, tape.

And then Henri, the experienced moderator, got to work and facilitated a brainstorming activity—it was all done as a game and everyone enjoyed it. The suggestions of some stimulated the creative cells of others. Joanie assisted Henri and wrote down the names proposed on the flip chart sheets which quickly filled up. Judgement or comments were not allowed, inventiveness was the name of the game. This is how they ended up with many flip chart sheets taped to the walls, all annotated with the participants’ suggestions…

But only one name was needed, how to proceed? By elimination: each name was read aloud and the question asked was whether it tickled the imagination or not. The participants ended up with the words “arts” and “rêves” and, one thing leading to another, a vote was taken for the Collectif D’Arts et de rêves which became the D’Arts et de rêves organization! The project truly looked great with such a name.

For the name to be official, it had to be registered with the Quebec Enterprise Register. This was done but with three names instead of one: Parc culturel D’Arts et de rêves, Parc culturel de Sutton, and Collectif d’art et de rêves. But registering a name does not make miracles per se…

The miracle was to fill in all the documents required to incorporate the organization. Was the administrative work done with, of course not… Registration and incorporation had been finalized, now all the legal steps, including the drafting of the organization’s by-laws, had to be completed.

Did you know that the first general assembly had three people present: the president, Nicole, the vice-president, Henri, and the secretary, Joanie. That is all that was required for it to be official. It was the very beginning… Two years later, there are 81 members and more than 120 volunteers. It is quite stimulating!

As a member, you can vote at Annual General Meetings (AGM). Will you be attending the next AGM that will take place on Saturday, March 25, that’s in only a few days?

To be continued…